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Fritz Helder
Force of Nature
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06 September 2016 / by Mojito Tribal (author)

Widely known for his vocal and lyrical work at the former Canadian quarter band “Azari & III”, Fritz Helder debuts with his solo Album “Force of Nature”. Mr. Helder was born in Jamaica and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon where he developed an outstanding affinity for the music and dance disciplines. He was part of the notorious art music group “Fritz Helder and the Phantoms” along with several years as dancer and choreographer for Nelly Furtado

When I think of Fritz Helder I obviously recall the hits “Hungry for the power” and “Reckless with your love” from the Azari & III days. It is no coincidence then now that I listen his solo album “ Force of Nature” that there are nostalgic glimpses into the past. First glance listening to the album there is a dimensional escape within the house music spectrum due to the flavour and hard to decode genre that the artist has developed. 

The productions in the album have for instance a blend of elements pertaining to dance hall, trap, future house, trip hop, phew, I can not even tell anymore. Six tracks of pure force of nature. “Force of Nature” for example is the single in the album that is getting a lot of attention. Picture this phrase “no one can take away my fire”…  and the music video is indeed fire. Great production, and the poncho he is wearing goes well with the song lyrics.  Another song that caught my attention was “Like a jaguar” due to its lyrical content. “I move when I want to move, I move like a jaguar… like a snake”. This track sounds close to a blend of liquid trap and hip hop. This is exactly why this album takes a unique identity of its own. The six tracks composing this highly creative album are worth a listen or seventeen, plus the “Force of nature” music video.

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