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Shotgun Jimme
Field of Trampolines
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You've Changed Records
04 August 2016 / by Neel Modi (author)

Shotgun Jimmie's Field of Trampolines is an upbeat, bright, clearly Canadian record with nods to classic bands like Lowest of the Low and Grapes of Wrath. Jimmie is joined by Winnipeg-based band Human Music and the record is produced by none other than Joel Plaskett.

Right off the top, we are invited to Join the Band as they romp from place to place on tour. By track 3, Jimmie is spelling out "bioluminescence" in Solar Array to an accelerated rhythm. The songs are filled with rock steady beats, catchy and melodic guitar riffs, and lyrics that imbue a clear sense of place with each song.

There's a fair bit of variety on the album, even though the instrumentation is pretty consistent throughout. Different rhythms, guitar riffs and melodies, and even an attempt at a short Sloan-inspired punk ditty, keep the album moving along for its duration. Standout tracks also include Love Letter and Project 9 for a slower, melodic ride.


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