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Find Safety
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10 June 2016 / by Sean Savage (author)

Toronto’s LAL (Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray) have deep roots in the Canadian art and music scenes with eighteen years of experience. Find Safety is the result of three years of work bringing LAL back to their roots as an electronic duo mixing a message with musicality. It is a compelling and personally political album.


They have reinvigorated their sound. The tracks "Tiny Mirrors," "Stand in My Way" and "Rubbish" are downtempo triumphs filled with thick atmosphere and melodies. They emote a stoic sadness, while the deep bass lines and buzzing synth leads evoke a sense of urgency and drive.


The electronic minimalism provides a solid foundation for Kazi’s plaintive vocals and social-justice themes. This beat-driven piece of sonic expression described by the duo as ‘4 a.m. music’ will no doubt find it’s way into your playlist and stay there indefinitely.


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Sean Savage

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