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Fascination in Sound
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Healing Power
18 March 2016 / by Victoria Cheong (author), Wolfgang Nessel (author)

Eucalyptus's 2nd 10" release, "Fascination in Sound" is a 4 song masterpiece of avant jazz pop. A joint release on Healing Power and band leader/composer Brodie West's Label, Lorna Records, The record features Brodie West on Saxophone, Nicole Rampersaud on trumpet, Ryan Driver on piano, Alex Lukashevsky on guitar, Nick Fraser on drums, Mike Smith on bass and Blake Howard on percussion. With a special guest appearance by Matt Smith on toy piano. 

"Fascination in Sound" draws you into a warm atmosphere, playful and relaxed, delivered with an improv spirit by the band-an all star cast of musical collaborators. Brodie invites every band member's personality into his multi-rhythmic compositions. Sweet, Soothing melodies mix with Calypso, dancehall and bossa nova inspired rhythm. The results are magnetic and clever, with a sense of humour and friendship. 

The author

Victoria Cheong

The author

Wolfgang Nessel

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