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Daniel Ceasar
Pilgrim's Paradise
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11 February 2016 / by Trevoy Williams (author)

Daniel Caesar is back again. His 2014 project, Praise Break, won Canadian Project of the Year by Noisey. This year, the 9/11 collective representative, presents listeners with his new LP Pilgrim’s Paradise.

Daniel Caesar is a Toronto singer and songwriter. On Pilgrim’s Paradise, he tells the story of a young man’s experiences with the big, bright lights of the city. The soulful elements of his sound are scored by the religious overtones of the project. The organs on the track, “Show No Regret” are reminiscent of sitting through a church service. His ability to weave in and out of genres is one of the reasons this project is so exceptional

Daniel Caesar’s influences range from Kanye West to Pink Floyd. He pays homage to the former with his rendition of West’s “Street Lights” on the track “Streetcar”. He mixes profanity, eloquent vocals and thoughtful instrumentation to create a rich experience for listeners. These qualities are on display in the song, “Little Row Boats”, one of the album’s rawest cuts. The seamless blend of soul and rock and roll make Pilgrim’s Paradise one of 2015’s standout projects. Be sure to look out for one of Toronto’s hidden talents Daniel Caesar.

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