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All My Darlings
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11 February 2016 / by Nick Workman (author)

Following-up their debut full length i just wanna, Edmonton based band Switches are beginning to live up to their self-given title “Your Favorite Band. Only with more sing along parts. And more parts in each song. And less guitar solos. And more women. And more lazer ray power.” 

In the past, there has certainly been some truth to that title. Yes, there are more women in the band then men, they don’t have many guitar solos, and they do have many parts to their songs. But for being my favorite band and for having a lot of sing along parts, for me, it didn't really click until their follow-up EP All My Darlings

What has happened inbetween i just wanna and All My Darlings, is the band has become tighter. Not in the sense that the musicians are playing better together, they always have, but that they are allowing their songs to breath.

Rock n’ Roll can be tricky in this sense, in that you want to assault the audience with fast, aggressive music. On All My Darlings, the band has found balance by building to that aggression found in rock and in punk, while still maintaining that hip-shaking, groove, sing along music.

The opening track, “Spinning Out,” demonstrates the build up by starting with a few guitar strums, before the organ and drums fall in, allowing the song to pick up before falling back again to those few guitar strums, until it picks up again.  

“Remember (Walking in the Sand”) highlights how the band has learned to slow down, but has not lost their aggression. The track, lead by a swirling organ, highlights one of the best aspects the band has going for them, the harmony and vocals. 

It is true, they are a sing along band, and this album highlights it. A clean production, while still not losing their garage rock-sounding production, has allowed for the vocals to come to the forefront making it easier to hear, understand, and sing along.

Switches has a lot going for them. I can’t imagine why this Edmonton based band won’t be your favorite.

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Nick Workman

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