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Whisper Roaring
From the Basement to the Rooftop
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15 January 2016 / by Kimberly Eltanal (author)

This Canadian bred artist was born and raised in Frederiction, New Brunswick. Her first debut album From Basements to Rooftops was recently released in October and is definitely a very flowery delicate piece. But here’s a bit of an early warning for a bit of a little greyness in the speech. The inspiration of her album came from the loss of her older brother along with reminscing about the past good times amplifying a great amount of sadness. In the same time, there are moments of acceptance and hopefulness of the future in her single. 


Whisper’s Roaring’s angel voice is very talented and good enough to listen while reading a book. If you like Regina Spektor’s single “Samson,” then I want to introduce you to “Joshua.” This hit is one of my favourite in the album with McQuinn’s contemplation of not knowing the greatest answers to the most difficult questions in life. From McQuinn being raised from a very religious Christian Church and introduced to a friend who had ALS translated through this song. A very whimsical rhythm of piano buzz accompanied with a gentle humming voice.


If you want to see her live in Toronto, you can watch her exclusive concert this May during Canadian Music Week.

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