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30 December 2015 / by Nick Workman (author)

What do you expect from a band with the name Nothingness? Like a film’s title, a band’s name can set precedence for what is to be expected. Take for example the band name Mastodon. One can easily imagine the type of guitar style and vocal growling to be expected based off of the long history of metal bands using fierce animals as their names. So when a band decides to do away with expectations, it allows simply for the music to say what it is, which is exactly what Nothingness does on their debut EP

Opening with feedback before launching into a fuzz-filled pop hit, the title track “Haymaker” kicks up a fierce storm. With rollicking drums riding along with vocalist Bill Young, even during the slower parts, the song never loses its bobbing feel as it experiments with speed and precision.

“Sunshine Coast,” at just 1:41, is the shortest track. A sound collage of footsteps, ocean waves, and bowed guitar creates a tranquil atmosphere before coming to an abrupt halt and launching into “Overflow”. Like “Haymaker,” “Overflow” has a main theme that it keeps returning to, but which allows for experimentation with feedback, delay, reverb, and time changes that easily flows in-between that theme before coming to a peaceful descent.

At just three tracks, Nothingness’ debut packs a whole lot of music under 15 minutes. What it says is nothing is off limits. 


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