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23 October 2015 / by Nate Gurarie (author)

Stoner music is a lot like Stoner culture. It's fun at first, but after a while you have to leave the hotboxed room and get a smoothie. Mac DeMarco's new album, Another One, is that smoothie.

I was worried listening to it that it would be a replicate of Salad Days, Mac's second album, which was pretty much the same twangy strumming over the same echoing melody for 10 songs in a row. While it has a bit of that, after all, it is a Mac DeMarco album, there are new elements that completely changed my opinion on the record.

The title track is a great example. DeMarco replaces his echoing with harmonies, his synth with a piano and it is so refreshing! Instead of giving me the vibes of vinegar chips and mountain dew in your cousins' den like most of Mac's work, I feel like I'm in Kermit the Frog's swamp under a rainbow connection (which is a good thing).

Watch out for glitter and Flock Of Seagulls vibes in the track, "Without Me." I must say my favourite track off Another One is "Just To Put Me Down." It encompasses the classic Beach Boys strumming and a funky riff that you cannot help but groove around in your seat to. The album ends with aptly named track "My House By The Water" which includes seaside noises accompanied by organs, reminding me of Heathers by the water.


Overall, I give this album 8/10 smoothies.

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