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Good Karma
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14 October 2015 / by Helen Nguyen (author)

We're going to dig deep into a producer who goes by the name of Elaquent. I've always been a fan of Elaquent's production ever since I heard of his remix called "Cross My Mind" featuring Allie who's also a singer/songwriter in Toronto. I heard of the original in the past but when I came across the remix, I had to know more about the producer. From what I gathered in my research of constantly listening to his beats - Elaquent is known for his J Dilla inspired drums with a hint of the classic Nintendo video game synths. I fell in love with his music because of this nostalgia. Plus, Dilla was always one of my favourite beat-makers and hearing a futuristic version of him already had my ears locked in. Beats that tells stories has my soul instantly. By that I mean, beats that have a progression to them, a beginning, middle, and end. I find that Elaquent's beats always have a storyline to them, for listeners to recreate internally through their own imagination.

This summer of 2015, we were blessed with his digital album called Good Karma. Just like the title, this album will get you feeling at ease, refreshed, and chilled in 30 minutes. From the blissful relaxation of "She Remembers" to that bounce, feel good vibe in "Where I Want To Be". Elaquent's layered production has us captivated with water waves samples, 808 drums, ancient strings, and spacey melodies. Good Karma paints the soundscapes of a laid-back atmosphere and deep reminiscence aligned into 11 instrumentals. Good Karma is definitely one of my favourite that's added onto the list.

I had the pleasure to see Elaquent live in various shows and connect with him on a personal level. Face to face, I can truthfully say that he’s by far, the most genuine and humble human being. All I felt was good energy from him. There are a lot of cases where the artist's music is amazing but their personality switches up and gives off a negative vibe. That's a really big thing for me as a creative is to remain grounded and humble. So mad love to Elaquent for staying true to his music and to himself. Good Karma is definitely headed towards his end.


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