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Fuck The Facts
Desire Will Rot
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08 September 2015 / by Mark Tremblay (author)

Fuck the Facts are everything a “Grind-Core” band is not suppose to be; dynamically versatile, melodic, and technically proficient. Metal sub-genres can be damning to the communities need to put everything in a musical box, and some listeners may be deterred to listen to Fuck the Facts new album because of their “Grind-Core” label. This album is not one to miss.

What becomes immediately apparent is the musical cohesion of Fuck the Facts. After having a solid line up for the third full length in a row, Fuck the Facts seem to have  hit their stride. Opening tracks such as “Everywhere Yet Nowhere” transitioning seamlessly into “Shadows Collide” show the intricate song writing abilities of this band. Mathieu Vilandre’s multi-style drumming, and bass lines by Marc Bourgon perfectly counterpoint the guitar riffs constantly through out the album. These sorts of musical intricacies are seldom found in metal music. The album then moves into it’s groovier elements with the sludge-infused “Prey”, the the thrash metal throwback “Storm of Silence” which set the stage for “Solitude”. This latter track offer Fuck the Facts best riffs ever put to tape. These tracks showcase just how much of a unit Fuck the Facts are as the influences are all over the place. 

As we reach the final quarter of the album, we are treated to their most melodic track “False Hope” featuring classic rock fused guitar harmonies, and hand clap rhythm sections. This track serves as a refreshing breath of air before the final assault on the senses. For this listener, the best track is the closer “Nothing Changes”. Bassist Marc Bourgon’s sludge project Greber seems to have rubbed off on Fuck the Facts. The song is the perfect end to arguably the best album of 2015 thus far. This is Fuck the Facts best release, and it should be interesting to see what the future holds for this band going forward.  


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Mark Tremblay

CJRU volunteer and host of Metal on Metal.

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