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Cas Stonehouse
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03 February 2015 / by Matthew Chin (author)

Toronto-born singer/songwriter Cas Stonehouse independently wrote, recorded, and produced her debut EP Puppeteer.

At the age of 17, Stonehoue would get a ride from her parents to her local music studio to record her album after school, and within four months, she produced her own album.

The album consists of five songs, beginning with her most known song "Made of You", which was featured in her viral video "Kiss Me" - the video has over 2,000,000 views.

The soft and soothing melodies of a young woman finding her way in the big city is what best describes her song "Puppeteer." Her delicate hushed tones and simplistic guitar chords help emphasize the innocence in her voice.

"Just Another Broken Heart" has the softness and candour of a young woman in the midst of a breakup.

Finishing with "Puppeteer," the album ends on a hopeful note and a bright future for Stonehouse.

This is Stonehouse’s first album and you can buy Puppeteer on iTunes and listen to popular song covers she has done on Soundcloud.

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