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Children are our Future
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30 October 2014 / by Mark Tremblay (author)

Godstopper are a Toronto-based Sludge metal band who are very beloved within the scene. After a three year break in-between releases, Godstopper return with their EP Children are our Future.

The album opens with staccato dissonant chords and syncopated drum in "Andy Boy" reminiscent of a latter era Queens of the Stone Age track. The track is equal parts noise and sludge as it builds up it’s climax to a sound more in-tune with contemporaries such as Teethmarks and Pyres.

Godstopper then pull off a Torche impersonation with their next track "Death Clothes" which features lots of vocal harmonies and low-end bass. This is arguably what separates Godstopper from the rest of the band in their scene, an ability to showcase a variety of vocal styles. Godstopper showcase a variety of ways they can create heavy music that does not rely on guitar tone. The song is capped off with a a-tonal guitar solo heavy on delay effects.

The EP then moves onto a very major, yet eerie sounding track titled "An Old Photo" that is centred around an extremely catchy vocal melody; extremely rare for this genre. The EP closes out with an extremely heavy track titled "Young Queen" which features angular guitar harmonies, and again featuring very uplifting vocal melodies.

Overall, Godstopper present an EP that is full of influences from sludge, noise rock, alternative rock, and even classic rock that help this band stand-out in the crowded field of sludge metal and noise rock in Canada’s music scene. 


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Mark Tremblay

CJRU volunteer and host of Metal on Metal.

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