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Fuck the Facts
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30 October 2014 / by Mark Tremblay (author)

Fuck The Facts have been a staple in the Canadian Metal scene over the last fifteen years, and their brand of grindcore-meets-death metal has only gotten more potent with each subsequent release. Each new release sees the band deviating farther and farther away from the traditional grindcore sound to create something that is truly unique on the Canadian Metal scene.

This three song EP, Abandoned, is their best release to date. Although it is only a three song ep, the diversity packed within this release is immense. The album opener “Endless Emptiness” opens with a Fuck the Facts traditional fair of drum blast beats and tremolo guitar picking. The song, however, takes a dramatic turn into some dissonant clean guitar rhythms and a synth oriented melody line which showcases something never done by Fuck the Facts. The constant tempo changes of this opening track are a good pre-cursor to what the rest of has to offer.

The following track “Disabused” showcases the band’s guitar wizardry with various carnival-esque guitar sweeps. The rhythm also shows off with some off-time drum hits and bassnotes. Overall, this song is a much more grindcore affair, but nonetheless shows Fuck The Facts technical prowess.

The final track, “L’Impasse”, offers probably the heaviest track all the album with pummelling drum double-base and guitar harmonies. The track verges on sludge-metal with the plodding guitar tempos mid-way through the song. Overall, I recommend this ep to anyone who has previously passed on this band before. This is a released not to be missed. 


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Mark Tremblay

CJRU volunteer and host of Metal on Metal.

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