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18 July 2014 / by Abdi Hassan (author)

AurorA is a husband and wife duo from Montreal featuring Ariel Engle, and Andrew Whiteman (Broken Social Scene/Apostle of Hustle). The album is based on the avante-garde poetry of Alice Notley from her collection Between the Pines. While there were moments that I enjoyed, I found the album to be a little hit and miss.

“If I never see your face again” and “Do right” are my highlights of this album. On these tracks Engle’s vocals are soothing and the music is laid back and kind of acoustic. The music and poetry fit well together, creating vivid imagery of the stories being told and feel very personal.

There were some tracks on the EP that didn’t peak my interest. “7 things”, “Cry Out For Me” and “See You Again” have great titles but in my opinion those tracks almost put me to sleep. The music and poetry did not feel well matched, especially in comparison to the other songs on the EP.

Overall I really enjoyed the EP, the tracks I did like felt very personal and emotional in their delivery.


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