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22 April 2014 / by Lilian Gessner (author)

The Toronto based electronic music project Trust is back with their sophomore album Joyland. The album's artwork speaks for itself: it is deep, dark and dancey. Former drummer Maya Postepski left the band after the release of their debut album TRST to focus on her work with the band Austra, leaving Trust as Robert Alfons' solo project. Instead of being discouraged, Alfons used this as an opportunity to experiment with his voice and didn't hold back on this album. The heavily reverbed vocals now range from the familiar low baritone that shaped TRST to surprisingly high falsetto pitches, which add an interesting mix of colour to the songs and are most dramatically contrasted on the track "Lost Souls/Eelings."

Many of Joyland’s songs were written while touring and therefore build on the energy of live shows, with Alfons' influences ranging from acid house and early techno to video games and Canadian verse novels. The result is what could be the soundtrack to a sweaty night of dancing and wandering around through a dark, futuristic underground world. The journey starts slow with the opener "Slightly Floating" and then enters a synth-heavy, beat-driven world that is at times vulnerable, other times eerie and always captivated by a distinct sexual undertone.

Especially with tracks such as "Capitol" (video below) and "Peer Pressure," which make it impossible to keep your legs still, Joyland is a dance record for those who are tired of dancing to what the commercial dance world has to offer.



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