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Wild Beasts
Present Tense
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15 April 2014 / by Megan Hilario (author)

For the mellow minds, and the tainted hearts the album Present Tense by UK 4 piece Wild Beasts, brings the listener through a unique sonic experience. The whole album sounds like one cohesive sound track to a journey through wonderland, however when listening carefully, each track carries its own colourful personality.

The first track reels you in with staggering drumbeats and Hayden Thorpe singing “Wanderlust with us, the world feels voluptuous” as he sets the scene for a dreamy indie soft rock album filled with rich lyrics and experimental arrangements. Thorpe brings in his melodic falsetto and then gives the floor to drummer and singer Chris Talbot and his baritone voice. The combination of such different but harmonious voices generates an eclectic feel as each take turns singing lead throughout the album, and then come together on the multi-layered “A Simple Beautiful Truth."

Present Tense is an audio candy treat dressed up with synths, piano, infectious drumbeats that are used subtly but beautifully. All wrapped nicely together with chilling vocals and true, heartfelt lyrics.

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Megan Hilario

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