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Bombay Bicycle Club
So Long, See You Tomorrow
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11 March 2014 / by Candice Ng (author)

Departing from the dream pop, folk-like sounds from their previous album, British band Bombay Bicycle Club redefine themselves once again with their latest album So Long, See You Tomorrow. With a combination of electronica, world instrumentals - inspired by lead singer Jack Steadman's travels through India, Japan, Turkey, the Netherlands - and mellow vocals, the album enthrals from start to finish.

"Overdone" acts as an introduction to the album; strings and woodwinds slowly fade up as if to warn the listener of the oncoming new cultural experience. The track explodes full-force when rhythmic drums, heavy guitar riffs, and guest vocalist Rae Morris joins in, creating a clash of sounds that somehow feels appropriately balanced. The first single "Carry Me" keeps the energy going through a harmonization of pulsing rhythms, electronica vibes, and the continuous repetition of the lyrics "You carry me, you carry me, you carry me..." The album's second single "Luna" is filled with joyous synths during its verses, throbbing basslines during its chorus, and it's all held together by Morris' and Steadman's rising vocals.

The album slows down with the sad and contemplative "Eyes Off You" before propelling into "Feel", a Bollywood-inspired song and by far the most exotic of the album. The warm vibrant horns and flighty woodwinds give it a distinct dessert groove.

The band's consistent ability to reinvent their style with each new album proves their stellar musicianship. So Long, See You Tomorrow is a prime example of just that.


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