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The Downchild Blues Band
Can You Hear the Music
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Downchild Music
23 January 2014 / by Judd Buchanan (author)

The Downchild Blues Band is a fixture of the Canadian blues scene. Their newest album Can you hear the music is an authentic piece of blues music: there’s jump blues, there’s organ, there’s Honky Tonk piano, there’s harmonica. The acoustic roots of the blues mixed with modern day production, make for a wonderful listening experience.

Furthermore, there is even a bit of experimentation: a bit of blending of the modern and the traditional, in such tracks as "Don’t Wait Up for Me" where the slide guitar takes less of an Elmore James vibe and goes instead with a more Hawaiian tone.

It’s interesting and creative and it shows how Downchild puts their own unique stamp on the genre.

Fans of the blues, and harmonica especially, will be drawn to this album. It’s like listening to a group of session musicians from the 40s transplanted into the modern era and it’s absolutely pristine.

This album portrays master musicianship at its absolute finest.


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Judd Buchanan

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