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The Naked and Famous
In Rolling Waves
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Somewhat Damaged , Fiction
23 January 2014 / by Aquib Azim (author)

In fear of the reaction that came from their previous work, The Naked And Famous had no other option but to make yet another amazing album.

In Rolling Waves, their second album, had huge expectations after their mind-blowing debut album, Passive You, Aggressive Me, and they have undoubtedly met them.

Their new album begins with an electrifying acoustic mixture that grabs your heart and controls the heartbeat to the pace of their intro track.    

Their departure from the psychedelic style has given space for them to introduce a new vocal style, very nostalgic to the 90's fem punk rock, that can be heard in many of the songs on the album to which you can't deny tapping your foot and bobbing your head to.    

Their harmony, smooth percussive melody, and jaw-dropping synthesized guitar riffs have not been meddled with as they bring these same features from their previous album back into tracks like "Waltz".     

However, they have taken a different direction by starting the album off with a fast-moving, dance vibe progressing towards a heart melting slow atmosphere in the middle and ending with an emotion-filled climactic orchestra to outro this great journey. 

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