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01 October 2013 / by Max Morin (author)

Art-rockers, progressives, that new IT band from Toronto's beloved indie label, Arts & Crafts are only some of the ways you can describe The Darcys but after listening to their new Record - the band is making it harder to label their sound. 

After completing a textured, shoe-gazed, self-titled debut and a bold reinterpretation of Steely Dan's, Aja, the band is back with their third album. A multilayered, studio-opus called, Warring.

Up and down this clashing of diverse sounds creates a complicated but ambitious map for music listening. From the creeping march of the records opener, "Close to Me", to the more conventional pop-rock of "Horses Fell", The Darcys are always stretching our understanding of what accessible music is. Half way through the record, I asked myself how something so sombre, bombastic and intimately dissonant could be so invigorating.

I don't know if it's the incredibly agile falsetto that finds itself throughout the record or the deep bellowing, gospel like call and response on "747s" but frontman, Jason Couse has evolved into a true force behind the microphone.

So tonight, do yourself a favour, put on your sweater, tie your shoes, grab your headphones and go for a sonic walk with Warring

The Darcys are vocalist Jason Couse, drummer Wes Marksell, guitarist Michael le Riche, and bassist Dave Hurlow. You can see them live, October 11th at Adelaide Music Hall in Toronto.


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