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Dylan Sinclair
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15 October 2020 / by Anna Petridis (author)

Movement: R&B, Soul

Lane: Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean


Dylan Sinclair is Toronto’s new heart of R&B. From his first EP Red Like Crimson, to what he’s calling his debut, Proverb, Sinclair’s voice soothes behind strong words. The calmness in Sinclair’s music blended with his earthy, soulful tone projects relaxation and with a touch of gospel in his sound, he portrays a message in each song. 

Pitch in Sinclair’s voice shifts effortlessly between and throughout each song in seconds. Like on ‘Ask me (Extended),’ Sinclair’s extraordinary vocal range fluctuates and the lyrics “If I lie to myself and shape my own reality, whatever I tell myself becomes the truth,” brings light to Sinclair’s revelations and your own. 

 Many might compare Sinclair’s sound to that of Daniel Caesar or Frank Ocean, but with his unique sense of texture and reflection, he brings something fresh to the table. The clear development of his voice and true meaning buried in his records from ‘Twelve’ to Proverb’s release, is distinct in how it touches both mind and soul.

Sinclair has a very impressive sense of style to his music and production. The fourth song on Proverb, ‘Intermission(Get Away)’, starts off raw - almost acapella - then hits a strong yet comforting beat drop. The mood of the song slightly changes as well but still completes the heartfelt and spiritual ride. Sinclair has a smooth, fertile vibe and 'El Shaddai/First Love' is a perfect example of this. Though similar to his contemporaries as they maintain common depth and aura between songs, Sinclair has more flow and smoother transitions between his verses. 

A message is always signified in Sinclair’s songs whether it be about love, prospering, or his personal thoughts, the lyrics are true to his heart and the passion bleeds through his tone. Mixing soulful music with sublime vocals and delicate instrumentals, Dylan Sinclair is Toronto’s heart of R&B.


Rating: 9/10

Bops: Intermission (Get Away), Ask Me, and Home


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