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Sweet Reaper
Closer Still
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12 October 2020 / by Diego Rodriguez (author)

Sweet Reaper is back doing what they do best, which is playing kick ass tunes. Closer Still is the California trio’s third album and despite sticking to their garage rock and power chord driven style, the album feels just as fresh as their first one.

Closer Still is a mood booster with the band’s energetic playing style and their in-your-face chord progressions and vocals. But don't let that distract you from how spooky the Sweet Reaper gets in this record with their haunting surf riffs and psychobilly infused bass lines heard throughout the album in songs like 'Same Nightmare' and 'Faster Getaway.' This album also showcases the band’s punk influences with extremely explosive and head boppin’ songs like their opener 'Sidewalk Psycho' and 'Living Hell II' which will be mosh starters for sure.

Sweet Reaper has the whole package with this release: cool album art for their even cooler songs and imagery that will be enjoyed by skaters, surfers and horror lovers alike.

Rating: 8/10

HEAT: Car crash, Pleasure, Same Nightmare, S X C , Living Hell II, Dead Man, Take You There


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