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Headie One x Drake
Only You Freestyle
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22 July 2020 / by Demar Grant (author)

Nobody wants to be a roadman more than Drake. The Boy has been trending in drill’s direction for nearly a year now (see: 'War' and 'Demons'), so a major collab has been on the horizon. However, almost immediately on 'Only You Freestyle' it's obvious Drake’s still wading in foreign waters. Drake can seemingly only rhyme two sounds over drill beats, “-ahh” and “-ee”. Sure that “-ahh” rhyme leads to the Arabic bar “Habibti please, ana akeed, inti wa ana ahla” that’s one of Drake hardest ever but it also leads to a hyper repetitive verse. Drake likes to stack internal rhymes over the eerie vocals and sliding 808s but by the time he switches flows his voice borders on exhausting. When the flow switch finally hits, Drake drops the most grating verse of his career. Starting his rhymes on 3’s (instead of 1’s) he’s technically on beat but it’s horrendous to listen to. That switch up is also laden with Pusha T disses but since it’s borderline unlistenable it’s hard to imagine Push batting an eye. 

Headie One saves this track with some interesting flows and references though. His schemes are also a bit simple but after Drake’s tragedy it’s a breath of fresh air. I don’t think anyone’s ever approached rhyming Trezeguet with anything before this track but Headie pulls it off with ease. Headie is a vet and fully certified, 'Only You Freestyle' is only North American promo for him and a drill testing ground for Drake. Both have made better tracks and both will probably make better tracks independently after this. If you’re listening to this song a week from now, call me.


Rating: 3/10

P.S. The mix on the second half of Headie’s verse is jarringly bad. It’s obvious when he punches in as his tone completely changes and saps the aggressiveness of half his freestyle.


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Demar Grant

Editor in Chief. @DemarJGrant

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