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Emily Rockarts
Little Flower
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611258 Records DK2
13 July 2020 / by Olivia Roland (author)
Listening to Emily Rockarts' Little Flower is akin to a cinematic experience. Anchored by the beautiful, dreamy voice of the Montreal-based songwriter, Little Flower is 31 minutes that take you on an adventure. If Lana Del Ray and Phoebe Bridges had a baby, it would be Emily Rockarts. 

The LP starts off with “Get It All Back”, a dreamy song that sounds like you’re the main character during an epiphany moment. Rockarts voice is beautiful, soft and melodic. The EP then kicks off with summertime bop, “Stay”. This song is more upbeat, sounding like a fizzy drink on your dock with friends. Directly following this is “Little Flower”, the song the LP is named after, this soft, indie style song gives you almost a tropical and relaxed feel. This song provides a perfect transition to the next song, “Right Now”. Throughout Little Flower, beautiful lyrics accompanied by Rockarts’ dreamy voice make you feel instantly comforted by listening to . 
The sixth song, “Margret” is another soft song, accompanied by piano. Without having a traditional chorus, this song instantly draws you by telling a story in and makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a 16th century love triangle. After this, Rockarts jumps again to “Without You”, going back to the strong beat and soaring voice, sounding almost like a Michael Bublé song with that upbeat vibe.“Vista” comes next, and when listening to it, you feel like you’ve just made it to the top of a tall mountain, seeing the world from up high. The record's final song, “Golden Hour” is the perfect, sweeping, outro song for this album. 

Rockarts’ voice allows the listener to be sucked into any picture, place or story she puts into her song, and this ability to take over your senses with a voice that lends the record a cinematic flair. Little Flower feels like a mosaic of multiple moods, easily switching between upbeat and some soft songs, encapsulating Rockarts self-proclaimed personality of an extrovert-introvert. I would highly recommend this LP, especially if you enjoy Lana Del Ray or Pheobe Bridges as Rockarts immediately reminded me of them. Rockarts is also touring in November and coming to Toronto November 20th, so if you enjoy this album be sure to check out her tour. 

Rating: 9/10

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