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Large LIVE n' Direct
When It Rains EP
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26 August 2013 / by Mohammed Yassin (author)

For their sophomore effort, Large LIVE n’ Direct dive into a world of heartbreak and sorrow. When It Rains is a short but sweet project, although sweet may not be the best word to describe it.

The four man group, hailing from St. John’s, Newfoundland and now based in Toronto, describe the EP as “a realistic assessment of love” based on the personal experiences of the members. With a running time of nearly 28 minutes the group does well to get this message across in a short amount of time.

Flooded with a modern atmospheric sound blended with classic hip hop elements, producer Adrian Gagnon AKA no wuhn sets the tone for a project full of emotionally sincere rhymes and melodies. Rappers MYselph, Direct Dialect and AndreLIVE use their vocals to paint vivid pictures of heartbreak and isolation.

There is no attempt to convey a message or point but simply to express their emotions as it is put in the closing track "1969":

"This is how I act when I have no reaction/You’re just a subject to my banter.”

With melancholy tracks like "Fall" and explosive tracks like "Hold Dear (Let Go)", When It Rains sounds like the aftermath of a breakup.

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