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Cold Tea
Recent History
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31 July 2018 / by Sanjeev Wignarajah (author)

Recent History is the debut EP from Cold Tea (Vale Abbott), a Toronto-based folk artist who has performed alongside Inna Powell and Hungry Lake and was one half of the duo, Shanti & Vale. The five-track EP is deeply personal, drawing from experiences in Abbott’s life.

The first track from Recent History is “Wyebridge.” It opens up with a soothing guitar riff alongside Abbott’s semi-raspy, soulful vocals. “Wyebridge” alludes to a place where an individual is growing up. This track is a symbolic ode to the small town where they came from, and all the memories that come from a birthplace. It’s a soundtrack of growth and identity.

“Half-Light” is another notable track from Recent History. Abbot’s storytelling abilities shine through on this song, in which she details finding light whenever a situation is thrown at you. What makes this song unique is the balance between the vocals and the guitars — it transports you into a different world.

Cold Tea’s experimental-folk album is definitely something worth listening to — especially if you're at a time of finding yourself.  

You can listen to Cold Tea’s Recent History EP on Bandcamp.

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