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Modern Desert
Astrologist Apologist
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27 May 2018 / by Marlon Marshall (author)
The duo, Modern Desert, is an acoustic-indie band from Toronto, Canada. The duo comprises of Jacqueline Tucci and Max Trinz. Their unique sound will capture your imagination and heart with the release of their ultra soothing EP, Astrologist Apologist, which is full of melodic and hardship-filled songs.
Track List:
1. Astrologist Apologist 
2. Fireside Daydreams 
3. Kodak Moments  
4. Tropic Holidays 
The beautiful and flawless harmonies reminiscent of Nirvana's sound, wash over you like a wave while their lyrics nourish your soul, taking you on a journey both familiar and unknown. Each song off the EP is introspective and include contemplative tales of tough life and situations where things fall apart. 
With musical influences such as Leonard Cohen and CCR between them, the unique sound and natural chemistry between the singer, songwriter duo is both inviting but leaves you wanting more. Rich vocals of the two blend effortlessly, complimenting one another.
With live performances under they're belt and no shortage of dates in the near future, the sky is the limit for these emerging musicians/band. Modern Desert's sound is refreshing, and deserves to be listened to. 

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Marlon Marshall

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  1. Sir Ben (Anonymous)

    Great review for a great duo. I hope to read and hear more well deserved recognition. The sky is the limit when you have the chemistry, the talent work ethic and, the creativity. They have that and much more.

    2 years ago

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