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Haley Blais
Let Yourself Go
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Rumpus Room Records
19 April 2018 / by Nate Gurarie (author)

Let Yourself Go is the second and biggest release Vancouver musician Haley Blais has put out in her short but already successful career.

Starting out by uploading covers, original songs, and other videos on YouTube, Haley had accumulated a loving and dedicated following before even putting out her first EP.

Let Yourself Go is a much lighter follow-up to Haley’s first EP, Late Bloomer, an album dedicated to the passing of her dog. While Late Bloomer is focused on mourning and loss, Let Yourself Go covers a number of emotions any person discovering themselves in their 20s feels.

The charming and humorous lyrics in songs like “Remove Tag” and “Seventeen” show how Haley is able to laugh at herself while simultaneously being quite vulnerable in how she perceives her actions and the actions of those around her. Hand-in-hand with these amusing lyrics are songs like “Let Yourself Go” and “Small Foreign Faction,” in which Haley is undeniably bitter and cruel to herself and the listener. The EP is truly an example of using humour to hide deeper and unpleasant feelings and thoughts.

If lyrics aren’t that important to you, the melodies of the songs are just as delightful and layered. From string accompaniment to heavy pedal distortion, always coupled with great harmonies, Let Yourself Go is an EP with so many layers to unravel you’ll hear something new every listen.

You can see Haley on her cross-Canada tour this spring, including dates in Toronto in May.

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