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The Devin Cuddy Band
Amy's Dream
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Cameron House
06 April 2018 / by Daniel Huegli (author)

Amy’s Dream is The Devin Cuddy Band’s first release since 2016… and it was worth the wait. If somebody doubts your musical taste, just play this baby on your next road trip. You’ll have them singing, sighing and head bobbing along with Devin Cuddy, son of the famous Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo, all the way home.

With such songs as their cover of Luke Doucet’s ”One Too Many,” The Devin Cuddy Band has polished their familiar country rock sound while at the same time the band has been growing creatively. We hear their experimentation with new sound colours in the song “Amy’s Dream,“ after which the EP is named. It’s the electric guitar which especially stands out in this tune, with its delay effect throughout the song and a solo taking you by surprise with its dissonant edge combined with plenty of echo.

Though the general mood of Amy’s Dream is energizing and positive, the EP has two sides to it. On the one hand, “Fences and Wire“ will have you tapping your feet in an instant, but the lyrics will leave you wondering what deeper criticism might lie behind them: “Don’t mind the fences and don’t mind the wire. I know you’re hungry and I know you’re tired. Just keep on rolling around the bend. I swear to God you’ll find the Promised Land." This deeper element is intensified if one takes into account some earlier songs written by Devin Cuddy concerning very current and relevant topics such as “My Son’s a Queer.“ Yet another song, “Radio,” seems to be sung by a man who has matured and found real values in life. The idea of growth is also portrayed on the album cover, where a tree is seen emerging from a realistically drawn heart. Also, to be seen on the album is a mythical looking drawing of a two headed person, male and female. The cover encourages the listener not just to enjoy the incredible music of the record superficially, but to give the songs some closer inspection.

This album has everything you are looking for in a good ol’ country rock record plus more: a cool musical set up including a Hammond Organ, Blues licks neatly spread throughout the songs, energy, and lyrics for you to chew on.

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