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20 July 2017 / by Sanjeev Wignarajah (author)

Overcoats, a New York-based duo, released their debut album Young. The band consists of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. Their music consists of electronic, pop, soul, R&B with a hint of folk. 

The first track on Young is "Father." The song grabs you from its eerie, hypnotic sounds of wind chimes accompanied by vocals. "Father" deals with the dynamic of a father-daughter relationship through tough times the daughter deals with. It is emotional and anyone can relate to it. 

Another track on Young is "Hold Me Close." Those three words mean comfort. The song depicts a woman being in a relationship with a mysterious man. "Hold Me Close" features incredible, catchy vocals accompanied by dance-worthy electronic beats. 

Other songs include "Leave the Light On" which is about fighting one’s fears and "23" which is about the challenges a young married couple faces. "Smaller Than My Mother" pulls onto the heartstrings as the song deals with the individual shrinking down to size as her family ties grows stronger.  

Overcoats' debut album Young pulls you into its pop, electronic, soul, and R&B narrative of vulnerability and finding light in the darkness. It is worth picking up for fans who are keen on experimental music and songwriting.       

Their album is available now to purchase or stream.   

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