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Family Hangover
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Madic Records
19 May 2017 / by Sanjeev Wignarajah (author)

Pop, psychedelic and rock - infuse the three music genres and you get Walrus’ new album Family Hangover, out June 2017. This is the Halifax band’s third album.

Kicking things off on Family Hangover is “Later Days.” The combination of all three music genres may remind you of the fall season or picturing yourself driving at night on an empty stretch of highway with the windows rolled down and the breezy wind flowing through you. Walrus’ frontman, Justin Murphy’s vocals may remind you of ‘90s alternative music.

The title track “Family Hangover” is more of a ballad incorporating blues-rock, backed by Justin Murphy’s vocals. The song tells a story about his family.

Other tracks include “In Timely Fashion,” psychedelic rock that is dominated by a catchy hook ‘Where are you now?’ and is the type of song that you want to jam to. “Free Again,” which infuses blues rock with a hint of country that gets you in the mood for a walk-up song. Lastly, “Glam,” a psychedelic rock tune that kind of reminds you of Led Zeppelin.

Fans of pop, rock, blues-rock, psychedelic and psychedelic rock should pick up or stream Walrus’ Family Hangover on June 9.

Walrus will be performing in Toronto as part of the Field Trip Music & Arts Festival on June 3 at Fort York/Garrison Common. 

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