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Fontana North
11 February 2017 / by Shirley Moore (author)

If you’re looking for something a little different – and you like alt-country – you’ll want to check out this latest album from The Jerry Cans. The band from Iqaluit, Nunavut has been making headway on the university chart, including at CJRU, with its third album Inuusiq/Life released in October 2016.

The blend of vocals, violin, accordion, drums, guitar and sound effects form an upbeat and distinctive sound with hints of east coast fiddle music and reggae.

The first track "Ukiuq/Northern Lights" is strong – probably the strongest on the album – and starts with the enchanting throat singing of Nancy Mike. Her voice weaves into the rest of the song beautifully and gives it yet another dimension. If you’re still brushing up on your Inuktitut, there is also an English version of the track, which is a first for the band. You can also sample her lovely vocals on "Nirliit" (The Geese) and "Paniarjuk" (My Little Daughter).

Other solid tracks include "Iqanajarumanngittunga" (I Don't Want to Work), "Arnalkkaq" (Little Girl) and "Makiliqta" (Rise Up) which is another of my favourites. The album has a great mix of slower melodies and up-beat danceable tunes. Overall, the entire album is definitely worth a listen. 

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