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Terence Jack
Never Get Back
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26 January 2017 / by Becca Brown (author)

Vancouver alternative-folk artist, Terence Jack, brings a surprisingly unique sound to his second EP Never Get Back released on Dec. 1, 2016. The first single off the EP “Eastern Rise” grabs your attention with staccato piano kicks laid over gritty rock and roll. Terence co-produced the EP with Daniel Klenner and explored sounds beyond alternative folk music.

Never Get Back contains a mix of electronic synthesizers, danceable grooves and soulful vocals. Elements of rock, funk, blues, and country can be heard throughout the EP. The lyrical themes run between relationships, life and purpose. Never Get Back makes you pause and recognize the value of time. Not to mention his honest and raw vocals can evoke an overwhelming sense of emotion in listeners.

His songs examine the need for personal space in relationships (“Errors”), having self-control (“Want & Need") and setting yourself free (“She Flies Down South”). An ultimate favourite is “Lay it on the Line” which echoes the bitter feelings that follow a break up. The essence of the music is rooted in lyrical stories and expressive musicality.

If you're looking for a new sound to add to your music playlist, give Terence Jack’s work a listen. 


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