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25 January 2017 / by Neel Modi (author)

The Darcys, having gone through various configurations as both a 4-piece and 5-piece band since 2007, stripped down to their founding members, Jason Couse and Wes Marskell for their 2016 release Centerfold. Despite a Juno nomination and a Polaris Music Prize longlist spot in 2014, the Darcys decided to go a different direction for this album. Centerfold is infused with dance music inspired beats, catchy synth hooks, and a lot of lyrics.

Themes of getting away and escapism give way to more philosophical love songs like "Black Diamonds" and "Lip Service." The first single, "Miracle," features an upbeat synth line and catchy chorus.

Despite the dance-rock beats and fun escapism of the first few tracks, a few songs are slower and more ballad-like, but the Darcys never lose their ability to lay down a great groove with the drums, bass and synths, and always build to anthemic choruses. Lead synth riffs abound, and remain more memorable than some of the lyrical chorus hooks. The synth pads explode with beautiful, bright shimmers in the choruses.

At its core, Centerfold is a rock record, but takes many cues from dance music and 80s pop synth hooks, which makes for a genre-bending fun time. They’ve dispensed with their previous art-rock Radiohead inspired stylings for a straight forward, pop-rock delivery. The songs grow on you with multiple listens.

Standout tracks include "Studio City," "Miracle," "Coming Up for Air," and "Virtual Reality."


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