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Ginger Ale & The Monowhales
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01 November 2016 / by David Matta (author)

Ginger Ale & The Monowhales are bolder, louder and proud to be ‘Home’ with new EP.

Since the release of their 2014 EP, HA!, the band has been widely recognized within the Toronto music scene. The Monowhales have built a reputation as a live act, described on their website as ‘Flaming Lips-esque’.

Last week they released their second full length EP titled BANG, and celebrated it with a show at The Horseshoe Tavern. If you missed the show (just like I did), do not fear.  If the reviews of their live shows are to be believed, the Monowhales are one of those few bands whose studio material holds up to the intensity and energy of their live shows.

BANG begins with the lead single “Home,” a powerful, synth-drum-and-riff-infused piece of indie pop, complete with powerful pop vocals from singer Sally Shaar. “Home” was released with a music video back in August, paying much homage to the great city of Toronto.

While “Home” is very much single material, the rest of the album is much less pop-y but just as powerful. “Name For Myself” and “Let it Fall” are guitar driven, riff-y rockers, while “White Walls” and “Don’t Talk” take on a dreamier and laid back texture, but keep the powerful delivery.

“Let it Fall” shines brightly in the middle of the EP as a groovy, punchy, in-your-face blend of guitar, synth, drums and those consistently powerful vocals.

BANG is an honest and good example of a band bringing their all into the studio (and if there’s this much energy in the EP, their live show as well).

If you are looking for a fresh hot band to follow, BANG is a very strongly worded letter by the band to the world (especially Toronto) that they deserve our attention. 


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