Film Review: Daniel's World at Rendezvous with madness film fest

17 November 2015 / by Mikayla Fasullo (author)
 (photo: Daniel's World, directed by Veronika Lisková)
/ (photo: Daniel's World, directed by Veronika Lisková)

Director Veronika Lisková’s controversial documentary, Daniel's World, introduces a new understanding of pedophilia as a mental illness. In the film, Daniel is a 25 year old Czech Republic writer, grappling with how he will live his life as an open pedophile.

Lisková differentiates between a pedophile and a predator, labelling pedophilia itself not as a menace to society, but as a social disorder. A predator is a pedophile who acts upon his thoughts.

This is what creates Daniels world of isolation and loneliness. Daniel struggles with the concept of how he will live happily and openly with his deviant sexuality. Speaking with sexologist who help him better understand his disorder and relating with people who experience the same disorder as him explains to the viewers how someone with pedophilia 

Acceptance is a very big message throughout the film. Veronika Lisková brings a boldly open-minded perspective to a typically abhorred subject. Daniel's World was screened as part of the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival, which took place from November 6-14 in Toronto. 

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