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Fringe Festival Preview: Emily's Top 3

30 June 2015 / by Emily Joveski (author)
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CJRU News Director and Fringe 2015 reporter Emily Joveski shares her top 3 must-sees for this year's festival. 


1. I Love You, Judy Merril

What's better than home-grown, old school sci-fi? Throw in an intelligent space suit and an alien Tom Waits, and I'm sold. The debut production of the brand new Toronto company, House of James, explores memory, loss and hero worship, and the big question: Is it ever too late to say I love you?

2. Bout

This site-specific show will be held at Sully's Boxing Gym on Dupont Street. Hailed as the oldest boxing gym in Canada, Sully's has hosted the legends like Muhammad Ali and Lennox Lewis. In Bout, a "failed artist" seeks meaning in her life through competitive boxing. It's a story about fighting, about taking punches and getting back up again, about finding out what you're made of...


3. Heartbeat and Other Ways to Say I Love You

In this play by York theatre grads Tanya Elchuk and Natalie Semotiuk, a stressed out "Pierogi Queen" takes a beat to reconnect with her body and mind. Ever relevant in our overworked and over-scheduled society, this show promises a funny and lighthearted journey through stress, health, and self-care - with a high possibility of pierogies.


Emily Joveski is the News Director at CJRU - The Scope at Ryerson, is excited to be reporting for Fringe this year. Emily will be graduating later this year from Ryerson's School of Journalism. She loves sci-fi, great storytelling, supporting local talent - but puppets kind of freak her out. Catch her reviews and interviews throughout Fringe on, or follow her on Twitter @emilyjoveski.


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