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06 May 2015 / by Lauren Malyk (author)
 (photo: Sugar Coated, Michèle Hozer)
/ (photo: Sugar Coated, Michèle Hozer)

In a world full of bubbly soda-filled drinks and fast food, it’s no surprise that sugar is everywhere and the impact it has on our diet.

This documentary focuses in on The Sugar Association, Inc.’s battle with the public and professionals for the US sugar industry. The documentary goes into great detail to explain that the sugar corporation has attempted to convince the public through the use of professionals that sugar is safe. The film also likens sugar to poison and that we feed our children this from an early age. The effects of sugar in the film have lead to diabetes, obesity and fatty liver disease.

The film was educational from a nutrition standpoint, as it identified the number of tablespoons of sugar that humans consume and what that number is supposed to look like. It also exposed where sugar is hiding in regards to other certain products. Also how to change this. The film suggests that the solution does not involve incorporating the trust and partnership of the corporations perpetuating the problem.

To be honest, the cinematography in the film didn’t sell me. The graphics used in-between shots and to explain certain things like how much sugar was present in the food we eat, was pleasant. However the scenes shot were nothing special.

The ending in particular felt a lot like the beginning of the piece, a bit preachy. The film had an interesting concept and followed these secret documents linked to the sugar documentary but at times felt a bit one-sided.

After the film, I can say I immediately wanted a salad. It did make me more wary of the sugar I consume. However, it is unlikely that that the sugar industry will lose in this battle with the public.


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