Fringe Fest Review: “Hey 90s Kids, you’re Old”

08 July 2014 / by Brian Capitao (author)
Outside St. Vladimir’s Theatre (photo: Brian Capitao)
Outside St. Vladimir’s Theatre / (photo: Brian Capitao)

Hey, 90s Kids, You’re Old in the words of the author is an “homage” to a decade of popular culture. Everything from Pinky and The Brain, The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, S Club 7 to the Tamagotchi is included.

The show really focuses on giving the audience a trip down memory lane with various comedic sketches that take our beloved tchotchkes of the 90s and displace them in a contemporary world. The end result is an absurdist reality. Characters like Waldo, from where is Waldo are forced into online dating, The Power Rangers are hiring a new ranger in today’s economy and Super Mario is killed by some teabagging video game character.

The play is smartly written. The punchlines deliver. It remains light hearted but yet challenges both our perceptions of a romanticized past and supposed progressive future. Punctuated by a medley of 90s tunes, whether from big 90s bands or T.V show theme songs, the music helps anchor in the audience into the nostalgia.

I very much see the show as Rocky Horror-esque time capsule. The show does it best to be campy and inviting. One of the smartest sketches combined the nihilist existentialism of the movie Fight Club and the perky upbeat UK pop band S Club 7 to reveal the conflicting messages we were told growing up.

The play brings up the point of how obsolete one would look if we refused to let go of older technology and adapt to the new. Sometimes things do advance for the better even though they complicate our lives. As much as having a smartphone on all the time even when you should be paying attention to something is a detriment, it is a cost to the benefit of the ubiquitous usage of the smartphone.

If you were born in the 90s, it’s definitely worth checking out. Ryerson’s own Alexander Steele Zonjic, and Alan Bee both gave stellar performances. The show runs until Sunday July 13 and ticket information can be found on their website

Listen to an interview with writer and director Taryn Parrish:


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