Smash Wrestling: Tapped Out Preview

11 December 2013 / by Judd Buchanan (author)
Untitled photo of John Greed by Tabercil on flickr ( (photo: Tabercil)
Untitled photo of John Greed by Tabercil on flickr ( / (photo: Tabercil)

Before there were international wrestling companies with globally syndicated television shows, wrestling was extremely popular at the local level with small companies existing in communities. Presently, that local presence is maintained by grassroots independent wrestling promotions, one of which is Smash Wrestling.

Smash Wrestling was founded in 2012, and are closing out 2013 with Tapped Out taking place on December 15 in Mississauga. The Scope had a chance to speak with two members of the Smash roster: John Greed and Kirk Warmack, who will be competing in a match on Sunday. They stopped by the station to give us some insight into their far from mundane profession and the unique world of indie wrestling.

For more information on the event visit

Tapped Out Event poster

Tapped Out Event poster


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  1. Vito (Anonymous)

    Very Cool! Both wrestlers seem so down to earth, makes you appreciate indy wrestling more.

    4 years 6 monthS ago
  2. ChandIIIIZle (Anonymous)

    Very compelling interview. I usually am not interested in wrestling, however this was captivating and interesting to listen to.

    4 years 6 monthS ago
  3. Regulus (Anonymous)

    Great interview! I really enjoyed John Greed's portion of the show.

    4 years 6 monthS ago
  4. aminksi (Anonymous)

    Interesting interview.. not a fan of wrestling, however this was enjoyable to listen to.

    4 years 6 monthS ago

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