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Savannah Ré Drops New Single "Homies"

24 September 2020 / by Demar Grant (author)
Cover art for Savannah Ré's single
Cover art for Savannah Ré's single "Homies" / (photo: Universal Music Group)

Toronto is the city of entanglements and that’s probably why singing about them comes so effortlessly to Savannah Ré. Caught in contemplation, her latest single “Homies” has her wrapped up with a paramour’s Netflix password a swirl of thoughts. You know that space where you’re really into someone but you know you’re better off without them but you’re still completely and totally falling for them? That’s where Savannah Ré lives on this track accompanied by sultry strings and her engulfing voice. Every lyric is another wade through the endless haze that is relationships in Toronto, propelled by Ré's slick songwriting.

This is one of those songs that are a total vibe but this one actually has the lyrics to back it up, check it out below.


P.S. A little birdy told me there’s an EP on the way. When? To be determined, but seeing as this is Re’s third single after her booty call fantasy "DVP" and the Boi-1da produced “Where You Are” I’d expect very soon.


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