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25 May 2020 / by Alexander Ramsay (author)
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 While Covid-19 has put our regular lives on hold on for the time being, CJRU has still been busy adding new music to our library. Take a look below at some of the most recent additions to our music library! 


Clairmont The Second - It's Not How It Sounds

At just 22-years-old, Clairmont The Second (a.k.a Clairmont II Humphrey) has already made a name for himself in the Toronto hip-hop scene with his past releases, Do You Drive? in 2019 and Lil Mont from the Ave in 2017, a project that earned him a Juno nomination for Best Rap Recording of the Year. With It's Not How It Sounds, Clairmont continues to build his idiosyncratic production style that merges distorted synths, video game samples and trap drums, perhaps best exemplified on 'Dun' and 'Mad Selfish'. Yet Clairmont also knows when to slow down like on the appropriately titled 'Dream', a jazzy melodic slow jam. 


Khruangbin - Mordechai 

With this third full-length record, Houston trio Khruangbin one again takes notes from the psychedelic pop of 1970s Iran and the balmy funk of Parliament and Funkdaelic to continue their genre-defying streak. Mordechai sets itself apart from Khruangbin's previous output - The Universe Smiles Upon You and Con Todo El Mundo - by prominently featuring vocals amongst the psychedelic guitar leads from Mark Speer and the soul-esque bass-lines of Laura Lee. In times as fraught as these past few months, Mordechai presents a short, sun drenched 45-minute reprieve from the waking nightmare that so much of 2020 has been.  


Twin Peaks - Side A 

Ahead of the release of their first ever EP, Chicago rock band Twin Peaks wrote in a press release: "At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized our recording efforts would be waylaid, so we wanted to finish the songs closest to completion remotely; vocals done one at a time at the studio or sent in from home." Knowing that fact adds a heavy dose of intimacy to Side A that heightens the group's power chord heavy garage rock. Although only 4-songs and 18 minutes long, Twin Peaks still manage to leave an impression from 60s pop worship of 'Any More Than You Want' to the extended guitar jams of 'Above/Below'. 


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