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25 May 2020 / by Alexander Ramsay (author)
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While Covid-19 has put our regular lives on hold on for the time being, CJRU has still been busy adding new music to our library. Take a look below at some of the most recent additions to our music library! 


Wares - Survival


With their latest release, Edmonton band Wares skillfully bend genre to their will for a fast-paced, catchy exercise in indie rock. Album opener “Hands, Skin” and “Surface World” recall the 90s heyday of pop punk, while “Violence” and “Living Proof” embrace a slowcore-esque dreaminess. Released in late April by Mint Records, Survival solidifies Wars as an exciting addition to the Canadian indie rock scene. 






Nick Hakim - Will This Make Me Good


Based in New York City, Nick Hakim’s 2017 album Green Twins drew critical praise and comparisons to soul luminaries like Marvin Gaye and D’Angelo. Now - four years removed from his debut - Hakim has expanded his sound, both sonically and in terms of sheer song length, with Will This Make Me Good. At the core of Will This Make Me Good is the seven minute “QADIR”, a song that doubles as a somber remembrance of a childhood friend who passed away in 2018 as well as a gorgeously arranged swirl of vocals, flutes, drums and synths. 



Choir Boy - Gathering Swans

On Gathering Swans, Choir Boy have once again revived the kind of atmospheric 80s pop popularized by New Order, The Cure and Kate Bush. Although their planned tour with indie two-piece Surf Curse was postponed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Gathering Swans nonetheless is an excellent quarantine companion, offering an almost cinematic kind of nostalgia and warmth in the midst of our collective anxiety and uncertainty. 




Interested in hearing your own music on CJRU? Follow the link to learn about how to submit albums to the station! 



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