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16 May 2018 / by The Scope News (author)
Inio Asano at TCAF 2018 (photo: Jack Lawson)
Inio Asano at TCAF 2018 / (photo: Jack Lawson)

On the show this week, we hear from a member of Black Lives Matter Toronto in the wake of a CBC investigation that revealed ongoing police surveillance and targeting of BLMTO activists. And he head to Toronto’s Comic Arts festival, who welcomed a special guest artist for it’s 15-year anniversary. Plus, we talk to the Canadian filmmaker whose ambitious debut documentary explores delves into the memories of a community shaken by a wave of youth suicides in the late 1990s.


Aired May 14th, 2018

Produced by Emily Joveski, Donovan Lacroixi, Jack Lawson, Elissa Matthews.

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