Interview with San Fermin

08 December 2015 / by Shaian Martin (author)
 (photo: courtesy San Fermin)
/ (photo: courtesy San Fermin)

San Fermin isn’t the same band it was two years ago. From 22 band members to eight, the Brooklyn-based baroque pop band has created a signature sound that distinguishes its new album, Jackrabbit, from their debut. Jackrabbit is full of nostalgia and poignant instrumental interludes that highlight the band’s trumpet, saxophone, drums, violin and guitar players, and complements lead vocalists Charlene Kaye and Allen Tate. The band’s man behind the music, composer, songwriter and Yale University graduate Ellis Ludwig-Leone, talked to us about naming the album after a small, wild animal, touring non-stop, and his side composition projects with Troy Schumacher’s BalletCollective and more. 

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