Interview with Dirty Frigs

20 October 2015 / by Luca Capone (author)
Dirty Frigs (photo: Neil Van)
Dirty Frigs / (photo: Neil Van)

‘Twas a crisp early October evening when I traveled back to my parent’s spiritual home, in the heart of St. Clair, where I would chat with a freakishly gregarious gang of psychedelic garage rockers known as Dirty Frigs. As we sipped red wine in their palatial fortress of intrepid artistic endeavours, we talked about their majestic self-titled EP, a collection of music braised with succulent levels of deep sludgey noise, booming howlin’ blues, and pummeling acid rock. We also noshed on topics such as getting their start in Montreal dive bars, exploring the Tragic Kingdom, the strength of Gilian Welch and Aretha Franklin, the Concordia Laptop Orchestra, shaping subtle, creepy sounds & MORE!


Their playing Death To TO V on Oct 30th + a Halloween show at the Smiling Buddha 

More info on the 'Frigs, hit up their facebook 

Tune in every Wednesday night from 9:00 to 11:00pm on CJRU The Scope (Toronto) at

Find more info at Twitter: @TheNightShiftTO


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