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Interview With Pierre Kwenders

02 October 2015 / by Luca Capone (author)
Pierre Kwenders (photo: care of Bonsound)
Pierre Kwenders / (photo: care of Bonsound)

After dipping into my sacred collection of cabinets and curios, filled with a bountiful collection of objects both mysterious and exotic, I unearthed my interview with Pierre Kwenders, which we conducted in the sweaty, eerie, fire ant infested confines of this summer’s Camp Wavelength. Pierre Kwenders AKA Jose Louis Modabi is a tremendous talented cavalier who, last October, released Le Dernier Empereur Bantou, a fabulous record of futuristic post-rumba electro-funk grooves that would be just as suitable rocking a discothèque in Kinshasha in the year 2036, as it would be in Montreal in the year 2015. CHECK IT OUT! We talked about the record, as well as his fixation on Kendrick Lamar, his former clothing label, inspirational masters of rumba and soukous, the DIFA collective, dreaming of OK Computer, writing love songs for Sade, and more!

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