Wasiu Interview

14 September 2015 / by Jonathan Rodil (author)
Wasiu (photo: Monsiieur Coms)
Wasiu / (photo: Monsiieur Coms)

From Montreal, Wasiu is focused on bringing to the city, a distinction on the hip hop landscape. On the MTLiens EP, there’s a prevailing cosmic atmosphere which can be attributed to the Montreal regional electronic sound “Piu Piu” and the otherworldliness element that Outkast had tapped into on, the aptly referenced, ATLiens. From there, it’s made clear that Wasiu is looking to put the city on, eager to display the artistic talent in the city that awaits its proper recognition.

In advance of performing at Pop Montreal and the Manifesto Festival (on September 19 at Yonge-Dundas Square), Wasiu and, his manager and close collaborator, Ghost, took the time for an interview to discuss topics such as the Montreal music scene, the concept behind MTLiens, Southern rap, and the early to mid-2000s Shady/Aftermath catalogue.


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