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Camp Wavelength Preview

21 August 2015 / by Jonathan Rodil (author)
Etiquette (photo: Hannah Georgas)
Etiquette / (photo: Hannah Georgas)

Camp Wavelength is the first and only of its kind in Toronto providing a unique experience, bringing together camping (overnight!) and music. The festival’s first edition encompasses a wide set of genres from rap to rock to electronic. It takes place for three days, August 28-30, and the events are all held at the Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands. Here’s a preview of some acts to catch during the festival.

Kurt Marble

Toronto rocker Kurt Marble released an impressive debut EP earlier this year, titled Notes. It’s a sludgy, melodic piece of work, indeed, and features a frenzied array of guitar playing, registering in higher-end swings and breakdowns of twisted proportions. Should be mentioned as well, the cover art of the EP set in space with a floating Benjamin Franklin looking skull which alludes to the otherworldly psych-garage influence in the music.

You can catch his set at Friday – 6PM.

ATS (Above Top Secret)

Rap and electronic converge in an intriguing take by Toronto’s ATS (Above Top Secret). The three-piece group combines hypnotizing synth lines with unapologetic, yet nonchalant vocals, as evident on Ghost. They bring a compelling, warped alternative to the world of rap that is very much welcome.

They have a late night set Friday – 12:30AM (if not camping, a late night ferry ticket is required)


Etiquette is the project of established Canadian musicians Julie Fader and Graham Walsh. Their music is clearly synth-driven and in their approach to this aspect, it brings to mind a 80s neon colour palette, though it stakes claim in the present through its thematic and sonically refined pop structure. The intimate song writing cuts deep into the complexities of relationships from an honest and vulnerable perspective.

They will be performing Saturday – 2PM.

Slow Down Molasses

For Saskatoon’s Slow Down Molasses, the music is lush and inviting, yet highly textured in form. On Burnt Black Cars, their most recent release, the stage is set melodically with light jostling, distorted guitars, adding on top of that clouded vocals reflective of fleeting moments, all the while cherishing and recognizing the significance of the present moment. This is music well-fitting to the back-end months of the summer.

Their set will take place Saturday – 3PM.

Scattered Clouds

Listening to Quebec’s Scattered Clouds one can feel the foreboding presence in their brooding, dark sound as presented in their debut album, The First Empire. They are minimal in parts only to catch one off guard with a disorienting, experimental clashing of instruments. Sure, it makes for some moody fodder, but it’s arresting in its precise air of gloomy execution.

They will be playing Sunday – 3PM.


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